Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ryan Gosling & "The Notebook"

Ryan Gosling. There's not a better way to explain him than HOT...SEXXI, AND.............HOT. Ryan Gosling is a great actor and is amazing at what he does. One of my favorite movies and the only one I've seen him in so far is "The Notebook". This movie made me feel happy, made me feel sad, and even made me cry. These two actors in the movie have so much chemistry between them and it's really noticable. I think the chemistry and the believability between these two actors is what made this movie so incredibly amazing. I mean I think they should date in real life lol. They are so cute together! As you know he was in the new movie "Crazy Stupid Love". I have not seen it yet and I want to sooo bad. Looking at the previews it looks really funny and may I say Ryan Gosling looks as HOT as ever in the movie. Especially when he takes his shirt off and the girl's like "Dude, it's like you're photoshopped!" lmao that part just gets me everytime I watch the preview. This is really all I have to say about Ryan Gosling because I've only seen him in one movie so he's kind of new to me. In the mean time here is a picture I found on Google from the movie "Crazy Stupid Love". If you like Ryan Gosling like I do then you will deffinately enjoy this picture like I did when I first saw it. Enjoy! And feel free to leave any comments, they are very much apreciated. :)


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  1. Hi,
    Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel MCAdams, "The Notebook" has been ranked one of the most romance movies of all time.

    Huma Qureshi