Monday, July 18, 2011

Taylor Lautner - aka Jacob Black - and the Twilight Series

Taylor Lautner is the HOTTEST out of all my favorite actors.I mean just look at these pics from photoshoots to the Twilight movie shoots. They are all amazing and so is Taylor Lautner. My favorite Twilight movie is Twilight Eclipse all because of Taylor Lautner. That would be becuase my favorite scene in Eclipse is the tent scene when he has to lay with Bella to help keep her warm. 1.) because I think it's funny between Jacob and Edward. 2.) That scene was HOT! and 3.) I would have loved to be under the covers with Taylor Lautner and cuddling up to him real close to stay warm. That would be a dream come true! I cannot wait until Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out in November. I read half of the book and it was so good so hopefully the movie is too. Well I'm sure it will be because Taylor Lautner's in it lol. Anyways.....other Taylor Lautner movies I've seen are Sharkboy and Lavagirl(he was so cute as a kid) and Valentines Day(he was pretty sexxi in this film.). He's going to be in a new upcoming movie. I'm not exactly sure when it's coming out to theatres but I know that it's soon. I'm sure you already seen the preview for it. It's called Abduction. In my next post I'll put up a preview so you can see for yourself. I think it's going to be soo good. It's a totally different character that he will play and he just looks soo damn hot in it!! Anyways here are more pics of Taylor Lautner. I hope you enjoy and please leave any comments. I would love to read them and reply. :)


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